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During my career as a professional psychic-medium, I have conducted thousands of readings for my clients all over the world. It's truly one of the joys of my career to have my clients return to me season after season and to watch their journey unfold with them. 


Now booking readings and consultations. 

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It's our mission to create a place to explore our individual and collective magic in a safe, inclusive environment through magical monthly workshops, readings, and education. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your spiritual journey.

-Susan C

I think it's hard to articulate what this little chain of events has meant to me. Your reading was so freakishly spot on (and I know how easy it is to see patterns, I'm an academic by training and skeptic by nature). That yes was so instantaneous and had your energy written all over it. Thank you so much. What a gift. I can't wait to see you getting to share this with more - and more attuned - humans. Besides just being an incredibly sweet, attentive, NDAF lovely human, you are TRULY embodying what the space of ND-directed businesses needs. So... THANK YOU!!

-Laureen M.

I’ve been giving readings and training/teaching people to give readings for about 25 years in some capacity. Ive experienced a lot of readers!

I’ve never encountered someone as supportive yet honest and accurate as Toni. She will tell you exactly what you need to know without overwhelming your nervous system.

She’s a witch like I’ve never experienced. Being in her world, in front of her as she tells you the depths of your soul that no one has seen before it truly a gift. I’ve had multiple readings from Toni and have never been anything but excited and impressed after!

-Lane R. 

I do not know where to start to explain how great Toni Keniston is not only as a psychic but as a witch as as a person. I try to get some kind of reading with her once a year and she was always able to help me see my potential as a fellow witch and Psychic.

Booking a session with her is like drinking wine and getting advice from your best friend. You may not be that close to her as a friend, but you feel seen and validated every time you get a reading.

So stop reading what I have to say. Go book her for a reading! You will not regret it!

I specialize in helping my clients create the life they love. As a psychic-medium, it's my intention to provide you with the guidance and validation you're seeking while preparing you for the journey ahead. 

If you're ready to connect, you can book a reading or fill out the contact form to talk more about the ways I can help you!

Talk soon. 


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