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5 Places in Your Astrology Chart to Look For: LOVE

I don't know what it is about mysticism, divination, astrology... but lonely hearts tend to seek out answers in the spiritual seas. I've long since retired my Love Reading hat because I find we normally know the answers already and we don't want to see them... but I digress...

There are a few spots in your Astrology Chart that can give you clarity surrounding your love life and I'm going to let you in on them!

Your Moon Sign

Your Moon sign represents your heart. It rules over your emotions and how you ultimately feel safest with others. It's here that we find your needs in relationships so that you can thrive. If you partner doesn't or can't meet the needs of your moon sign, that relationship may be in for turbulent times ahead. The same goes for your partner's moon sign!

Example: I've got a Virgo moon and so does my husband. We feel safest when we have order, security, and stability. Emotions aren't volatile or explosive, rather we are more reserved in how we feel things and how we communicate them. We approach our emotions with an analytical eye and approach disagreements with practicality. Rarely do our fleeting emotions rule the roost. If you've got a Sagittarius moon, your relationship needs may include time to be alone, to travel, to experience the world. You likely don't want to be cooped up at home and if you've got a homebody partner, you would feel the frustrations of this.

Pisces moon? Hello little romantic. Your relationship needs are often going to be shrouded by confusion and delusion as Pisces likes to keeps everyone guessing. Clarity will be hard to find and you may not even know the root of your emotions most of the time. You'll need a partner who is patient while you figure it out and who speaks to that dreamy and fantastical heart of yours.

Your Venus Sign

This is a big one and for good reason. Venus rules over your social-ability, romance, and comforts in life. It also tells you the energy of a female partner that you would be most attracted to. Now, don't get me wrong. Attractions does NOT equal compatibility. Just because you like it doesn't mean it's right for you.

When you're looking at your Venus sign, don't just look at what sign it's in. We also want to look at what house it falls in because that gives us even more personal information. This is where we want to see our charts less like a rulebook and more like a map.

Ex. If you've got Venus in Taurus, you like a sensual yet quiet kind of lover. You want things steady and you don't need the flash that accompanies overly passionate romance. You want reasonable and predictable. Put that Venus in your 1st House and this will be an important part of your personality! However, knock that planet back a few degrees and put it in the 12th House? You may struggle to accept the kind of partner you actually need. You may choose the volatile, passionate ones and you may need to integrate a few life lessons before you find them.


Venus rules how you love... Mars rules how you fight and how you f*ck. It's that stereotypical masc energy and it shows us the energy you would be most attracted to in a male partner. It also shows you your own level of passion that you bring to the relationship. Again, it's not only about looking at what sign, but the house gives us more information about how it plays out in your life.

Ex. If you've got Mars in Aries, like myself, you are probably the hot-headed one in the relationship. You're also naturally attracted to the men who are bold and charismatic, the ones who come up to you first and take charge in a relationship. Remember, as with Venus, just because it's who you are attracted to, doesn't mean it's what's best for you! (I speak from experience). Aries Mars in the 3rd House? You can expect to communicate forcefully in relationships. You wouldn't be one to hide your feelings about a situation, even if it's not a comfortable truth. Aries Mars in the 11th House? You're probably a little rebellious and assertive in social situations. You know how to take the lead and if you're on the prowl looking for a new love, you have no problem making the first move.

7th House Cusp

For this one, you will need to know your birth time, location, and day. The 7th House rules over marriage and partnership, so all the information we find here is very important as clues to your love life. You'll want to look at the sign that your 7th House begins in to find out information as it pertains to your future spouse.

The sign that your 7th house begins in is the energy your future spouse will have but it does not show their sun sign.

Ex. Mine falls in Aquarius. My partner should be progressively minded, community oriented, and not someone who is overly focused on self. If yours is in Gemini, you're going to be looking for someone social, bright, and witty.

Luminaries in the 7th House

Look to what planets, asteroids, nodes, etc fall in the 7th House. This is going to tell you the major lessons that your relationships are here to teach you during this life.

Got a full house? You may find more obstacles in the relationship department than others. Not a planet in sight? This life isn't the one where you will be doing a lot of soul expansion through romantic relationships.

Want to learn more? Have you heard of Synastry?

A Synastry Astrology reading layers two birth charts on top of each other and we see the relationship between the luminaries and houses of two people. We can see the aspects their planets make and if they are in good reception. We find the desires of both people and the natural ability of the other to fulfill them. Synastry is a little more advanced astrology but it's fascinating to learn about.

If you're curious to learn more about these placements or have questions about your own chart, leave a comment and let me know!

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