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All About Gemini

Let's learn about the third sign in the zodiac wheel, the quick witted and versatile Gemini.

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The third sign of the zodiac is our sharp and versatile twins: Gemini. Their dominant phrase is “I think” and their energy is marked by their ability to work through any mental obstacle and sweep in fresh, bright ideas.

Another important note for Gemini's is that while their mental capacity is unmatched, it is the expression of those thoughts that are what make Gemini's stand out. Known for their creativity and communication, Gemini's bring their thoughts into reality through creation and teaching.


Gemini's are represented by the twins, usually one bathed in light and the other in shadow. Their glyph resembles pillars, linked but not leaning. This is not by accident as Gemini's have two very different energies that they embody at different times. We first see the social, bright, and lively Gemini. This is usually the face that Gemini's present. Sharp in thought and quick to talk out any problems, the lighter side of Gemini is easy to love and others may often find they are listening in rapture.

However, when Gemini's have been social too long or they feel slighted, we get the more mercurial and moody aspects of the sign. The shadow sides of Gemini are more withdrawn, at times cranky, and can struggle with comparisons. There is a sense of pride that Gemini's have especially where their creative and intellectual pursuits are regarded. If they feel slighted or overlooked, it's easy for the more shadowy side of Gemini to come out.


Gemini's polarity is Sagittarius and one could say that in Gemini we find the teacher and in Sagittarius we find the philosopher. Gemini fixates on the fine details, their sharp minds miss nothing. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is focused on the bigger picture and in trying to understand more progressive areas like science, philosophy, and medicine. Sagittarians don't like to be tethered to anything too long and that includes ideas. Both signs are mutable, giving them flexibility to change their mind and situation often. But Gemini's eyes travel to that which can be proven with fact and evidence, while Sagittarius wants to question the meaning behind it.


Easy, breezy, beautiful... Gemini. Mutable signs are known for the adaptability and versatility. Their mind is able to think of creative solutions and as such, they aren't tied to the means so long as it achieves the outcome. However, the Mutable qualities in an air sign can give us a quick temperament. Imagine the piece of paper trapped in the bustling wind, traveling where-ever the air deems fit. It's hard to know just where Gemini's are headed, and to be honest, they don't know either! They want to be free to think and to learn whatever calls to them and so others can have a hard time knowing what to expect where the Twins are concerned.


Gemini's are charming and sociable with a clear mind that is alluring to others, however when we see the imbalanced energy of Gemini, we see that unmatched intelligence can turn quite manipulative. I wouldn't want to get into a screaming match with a Gemini because they are often 5 steps ahead and know the lowest word-punch to knock you out. They have an ability to eviscerate others with their words but no one would dare say their words are ever careless.

They are measured and intended (usually). If a Gemini hurt you, they probably meant to.

They can also carry a superiority where their passions are concerned and like to be the best and smartest at what they do. Competition doesn't often fair well for Gemini either because it's easy for them to get lost in their head about what a loss means about them. That doesn't mean they don't LIKE to compete--because they surely surely do-- only that a competition that ends unfavorably will likely see a petulant Gemini.


When Gemini's are balanced energetically, they are one of the smartest people in the room. They are teachers by nature, even if not professionally, and they want to share what they love and what they've learned with the world... and with YOU! When a Gemini is in their light mood, you won't be able to get them to stop talking. They enjoy the art of conversation and debate more than any other sign and while they do want to be right, it's moreso about enjoying the atmosphere of well matched minds. A balanced Gemini can change their mind when presented with new information and always has a fresh solution to offer. They make amazing teachers, writers, journalists, and artists. They have a deep love for the written word and all creative pursuits. As a mutable sign, Gemini's need to be free to change and move wherever the winds blow them. When they do this and untether from the constraints that are put on them from the rest of the chart, they are unstoppable.

Let me know in the comments: Where is Gemini in your chart? Do you find this matches for you?

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