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Aries Season

Pictured: A card from Toni's upcoming Astrology Oracle Deck, The Pathfinders Oracle with information about the sign of Aries on it

We made it.

Pisces, and with it the Zodiacal year, has come to its divine ending. Through the last 12 months we’ve gone on a collective energetic journey to understand the seasons of life and our ability to fall into timing with the earth, as all living things do. Pisces was a time of reflection, dreaming, and intuition.

Oftentimes confusing emotions surface and can make us want to run from the realities of our lives but we remain present and aware. Now the Sun has moved into the bold, transformative, and initiatory energy of Aries. The guidance and downloads we had during Pisces are ready to be implemented. Collectively, the world begins to wake up and many of us find a renewed passion and energy.

This particular Aries season is especially potent as we have a total eclipse on April 8th and Jupiter goes conjunction with Uranus on the April 20th (the first day of Taurus season)... PLUS a Mercury Retrograde for good measure. It’s a time of BIG energy and new beginnings. The intentions and devotions we set now will manifest for the year to come. Make them big and beautiful!

 Let’s learn all about Aries and the energy they are carrying for us this season:


The dominant phrase for Aries natives is “I am”. Aries rules over identity and self, as well as over the First House. They are known for being self-centered and temperamental, but this doesn’t mean they have to take it to the toxic extremes. They are emboldened with emotional and fiery energy. 

In fact, the other signs can learn a lot from Aries' willingness to speak up for themselves, hold a boundary, and give a voice to the voiceless. They are the epitome of warrior energy and while, yes, everything can be taken to the extreme, our balanced Aries are simply setting the standard for how they deserve to be treated. 

As the first cardinal sign and the one to kick off the zodiacal year, Aries are all about beginnings. 

This is where their impulsive characteristics come in. Aries are always beginning the next great project and if they see something that tickles their fancy more than what they are currently working on? Well, they’ll be off to find the next great adventure without so much as a sidelong glance. 

Their strengths are in their leadership qualities and creative ideas. I like to say that if someone is thinking about planning something, likely an Aries has already started it. 

Where they may experience lack and challenges, however, is in their follow through. Because they suffer from Sparkly Item Syndrome, they are well known for abandoning even the greatest projects so that they can chase down the next. They’re also known for their hot tempers, but our Aries natives are quick burners, as we’ve established. They aren’t grudge holders and usually after exercising their temper, they are off to the next. 


Their animal counterpart is the ram, known for being able to push through any obstacle by sheer force of will. Up against the battling of a ram’s horns, most obstacles will soon find their end. 


Their polarity is Libra, the sign of partnership. These two sister-signs can get along like… well, sisters. Kindred spirits that bring out the best from each other one minute. Bickering siblings the next. But Aries teaches Libra to focus on self and prioritize their own needs; Libra teaches Aries how to be a better partner and friend by putting others first. 


As our cardinal fire sign, Aries is the spark of the revolution. Cardinal signs are known for their ability to seek change and fire signs rule over creativity, boldness, leadership, and optimism. Don’t expect these souls to be very patient… they prefer to be kicking down the next door of opportunity and they don’t mind if you come along or not!


This Aries may be difficult to work with as they tend to take charge and never let go. Stern and hot headed, they may have a hard time being patient with others. At their most extreme, Aries can be abusive, toxically self-centered, and controlling. 


This Aries shows us how to lead from the front and kick-starts creative endeavors for others to enjoy, too! They create spaces that are inclusive and transformative and have learned how to delegate once their own attention wanes. 

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