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Astro Report: Libra Season

Take a closer look at the astrological transits of this month and what they mean for you!

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Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable Signs

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  • Aries: I know this season may feel a little uncomfortable for you, especially as the Sun is shining lights on your polarity: Libra. This may feel a bit like you're being unearthed and your insecurities are plaguing you more than usual. Hold fast, Aries. Focus on what you are meant to learn from your Libra sister sign. How can you be a better partner and friend? Do you need to spend a little more time thinking before you act? Don't let this energy pass you by without soaking up what you need from your polarity.

  • Taurus: Venus also rules your sign and you may feel a little indulgent right now. Though you are a spring baby, Libra season and Autumn probably speak to your soul and invite you further inward. You've worked especially hard through a long summer of growth and it's time to enjoy your harvest. Breathe. Rest. Nothing grows all year round.

  • Gemini: How did Virgo season treat you, Gemini? I have a feeling it was a frustrating one as the details of your life were poked and prodded at. Your breeziness may have felt grounded and I can only imagine that feeling less than up to snuff made for a hard month. Clarity comes through, as does action, with Libra season for you, Gemini. Your social bar replenishes and you may feel like emerging from your cocoon a little more. Give yourself grace. There are no mistakes and you haven't failed. Keep going!

  • Cancer: Sweet summer has drawn to an end and another cardinal season arises. This is a wonderful time for action for you, Cancer. If you've been waiting for the right moment to jump, you've found it! Use the Libra energy to make sure you are leaping with strong foundations.. just make sure you DO leap. No one is coming to do the hard parts for you. For that, you have to have faith in yourself that you can see this through to the end. You may be our emotional little crab of the ocean, but you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

  • Leo: It's time for you to return to your sacred foundations, Leo. Virgo season may have stolen a little of your light and brought forward some anxiety and insecurity that I know you'd rather keep buried. All things in their right and proper time and it's now time for you to once again don your crown and remember who you are. You are an unstoppable, magnetic force of nature. Nothing can stand in your way. What are you waiting for?

  • Virgo: Ah, sweet Virgos. Your month of solar returns is at it's end but I think you will have a fair go of it in the month ahead. (Nothing like that Scorpio energy which always disrupts your carefully plotted plans.) Allow yourself to bloom a little more, take a risk, and be seen. It's scary, yes... but it's worth it. Libra will ensure that your moves are calculated and you're never one to take an unnecessary risk anyway. Because of this, you can move with a little more confidence! You have everything you need to succeed.

  • Libra: Welcome to your month, Libras! Oh, how you've been waiting! Enjoy the sun shining on all your best attributes, breathe life into your social outings, and be your charming, beautiful self. If your life feels out of balance, take the time to remove the things that are weighing you down whilst adding in the work to bring the scales back. This is the month to set the tables right for the last quarter ahead.

  • Scorpio: It may not yet be your time in the Sun (pun.) but spooky season speaks to your dark and mystical heart, little Scorpio. As a water sign, you should feel comfortable with emotions but that would make things too easy... The year has passed since your last solar return and you may find yourself questioning the decisions of the last year. Are you where you wanted to be? If you aren't, that's okay! Make a plan and then in bold letters at the bottom write: remember to be flexible. I know, I know, it's hard for your fixed sign energy... but release into the flow. Let the Universe carry you somewhere surprising. It may not be where you thought you wanted to be, but it might be exactly where you need to be.

  • Sagittarius: A new chapter seems to be unfolding in front of you, Sagittarius. And it's a great time to take a gamble on YOU. Risk yields reward when you have the balance of Libra's action and analysis. Take one step, evaluate. Then do it again. It's not a race. For you, I also say... be open to change this month. There may be a surprising shift that at first may not seem right... but don't let your fear of attachment rush away a good thing.

  • Capricorn: You need a pause, sweet Cap! A rest. Your actions feel quick and blind, as though you're reaching for the next ledge before you've settled onto this one. A breath is needed this month so you can evaluate the imbalances of your plan. Sometimes we keep on the move so we don't have to face what we are dragging behind us... Take a seat and face what's been following you around. Cut it loose, if need be. You're making the climb harder than it has to be.

  • Aquarius: Anxious, Aquarius? Trouble sleeping and constant worry? Virgo season may take some of that away but you may also need to look at the root. If you're holding too tight to something that isn't yours to keep, ask yourself the hard questions. Why? If it's not working, why are you trying so hard to force it? Let it go with love so you can embrace a new beginning. You don't have to keep everything in the air all the time. Somethings are meant to fall away.

  • Pisces: This month should be a beautiful one for you, Pisces. It may have it's air sign frustrations, which you don't enjoy... but you were born for fantasy and fun. Allow yourself to play, to snuggle, to dream. I feel like it an unfurling... a knot finding giving way. Remember what all of this is for and have fun! Seriously. ;P

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