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Decoding The Big Three

You've probably heard a lot about The Big Three if you've started digging into Astrology. Let's learn a little more about what most astrologers believe to be the most important trinity in your chart: Sun, Moon, and Rising.

I want to start first with what many believe to be your most important sign: Your Rising Sign


Up until the last few decades and the surge of popularity surrounding Astrology, your Sun sign was actually not that important to your natal chart. Well, that's not accurate. The Sun gives you a lot of information and most importantly: energy. But let's talk about that in just a moment.

First, let's dive into your Rising Sign. This sign is determined by the constellation the sun was in on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. 24 hours / 12 signs = 2 hours in each sign.

That exact placement begins your ENTIRE house system. You can think of it like this:

  • The planets and luminaries show us your personality

  • The house system shows us your life

Because it begins your house system, it's the cusp of your First House, the House of Self. This house shows us how others receive your energy, how you interact with the world and those in it, and how you look.

Your Rising Sign will not fully encompass all of you, however. You'll want to look at what planets are hiding within your first house and who rules it for further information... but more on that another day.

Your Rising Sign is how you carry out your purpose and conduct your journey in this life. It is the outward projection of your astrological signature.

Because this sign changes so often and defines your house system (and therefore, your life) I always recommend reading your horoscopes and Astrology memes for both your Sun and Rising Signs.

What's the difference? Keep reading!


As we discussed above, the earth's orbit around the sun means that a Rising Sign changes every 2 hours. But the Sun itself transits into a new sign every 30 days. You share your sun sign with everyone born during that transit which makes it far less personal. This doesn't mean it's not important to you and your chart, but it's not as noticeable as your Rising Sign.

Let's say A was born on October 4th and B on October 5th. They're both Libra's but when you look at B who is loud, gregarious and over the top and then A who is more conservative, reserved, and practical... You don't see any Libra energy at all! Well, first, it's likely that B has a fire rising sign and A has an earth one.

But your Sun Sign doesn't rule your personality... it rules your motives and your purpose.

Others around person A and person B won't always see motives and purpose because it's quite an intimate thing to share about. Your close friends and family would see it, but maybe not your co-workers and casual friends. It's why you are the way you are and what you want to achieve or obtain in this life. Let's use the Libra example above: despite their Rising Signs, both A and B are fair-minded and social. They may be indecisive at times but it's usually because they despise confrontation and want to be fair to everyone involved. The Sun gives your chart energy and purpose, so make sure to pay close attention to the house that your Sun is in. That one will probably be a luckier house and you'll feel more energized when you engage with the energy of that house. Sun in the 4th House, you probably feel most like yourself when you're with family. In the 10th? Look to work for that same fulfillment!

Why do people place more emphasis on your Sun Sign than your Rising? Well, in order to establish your Rising, you have to know your exact birth time and that's not something that everyone has access to. However, most people know their birth day which is all that's needed to find your Sun Sign. For those who want to sell horoscopes and makeup bags and jewelry, it's easier to market towards everyone's sun sign. Don't get me wrong. Your Sun Sign IS important...

But what do I think is the MOST important in your chart? Let's talk about the Moon.


So we've established that your Sun Sign is your motive and purpose for doing the many things you do. Your Rising Sign is how you do it. What is your Moon Sign? This is by far the most personal placement in all of your chart. The Moon shifts quickly, though not as quickly as the Sun. About every 2 days the Moon transits to a new constellation. Remember that the sign is only half the information because the house it falls in is equally important. Ex: My Virgo Moon (and stellium) fall within my First House which rules my personality. I'm still a Leo Rising and that's what I show to the world but my Virgo energy is more deeply connected to my personality and as such, it comes out more than someone who's Moon may fall in the 10th or 12th House. So check the house where you moon lies to see not only what you need... but in what area of your life you need it most. Your Moon sign shows us what you need to feel emotionally safe and fulfilled. It's a private placement that only those you are truly comfortable around will ever see the energy of. It's how you deal with all matters of the heart. Your Moon Sign deals with your deepest needs in this life.

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