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How To: Protection Magic

Hello, Mystics! As we approach Halloween, the veil continues to thin. For psychics, mediums, and intuitives everywhere, we can feel this more than most. In my own practice and belief system, all energy/spirit is neutral. This means that no I don't believe in dark entities barreling down on us.

But just because it's not demons, doesn't mean we want it. Boundaries, both physical and energetic, are important to reinforce especially during heightened spiritual portals.

We've had a little paranormal activity around the house, as we always do during this season with the veil thin. Are you experiencing the same? If so, here are some ideas on what you can do to protect the space around you.

  • Cleanse your space. Use smoke, sound, or light and travel from room to room. Don't forget to open those windows!

  • Pro-Tip: Watch the smoke before you move on! This thin line of smoke means that the energy is still a little too dense. You want this big billows to know the room is clear!

  • Make a protection jar. Remember it's not about the tool, it's about the intention! No jar? Put it in a ziplock bag, babe. Use herbs, crystals, and objects meant to strengthen protective qualities.

  • Make a simmer pot! This is a great ritual during pagan holidays however it's also used to energy clear.

  • Place Selenite over your door ways. This crystal is PERFECT for this type of energy work. It's a wonderful absorber of energy and fits right over your door jam.

  • Hang bells on your door. This one works pretty similar to Selenite over your door jam... except this one utilizes sound!

  • Use eggshells. Eggshells are GREAT for protective magic. Make sure to dry them for a few days and remove the membrane. (Mine have also moon-bathed under the full moon!) I like to then use a mortar and pestle to make crumbles and these can be used in jars, candles, or sprinkled at your door way!

  • Put small vials (check your local Dollar Tree!) of salt at the corners of your home.

  • And finally, my personal go-to, CANDLE MAGIC!

Along with the up kick of paranormal activity around the house we've also had our fair shares of nightmares. I included both protective qualities but also peaceful ones to help quiet the connection my own psychic kiddos have to the veil.

I used:

  • Black candle

  • Persephone Altar Oil

  • Jasmine - Dreams, peace, and tranquility.

  • Juniper - Protection.

  • St. John's Wort - Wards, protection.

  • Salt - Cleansing, protection.

  • Eggshell - Protection, fertility (no thanks), and rebirth

  • Nettle - Removes energy

  • Lavender - Peace, sleep, calm.


  1. Collect your herbs in a mortar and pestle, bowl, or other container.

  2. Mix/crush ingredients into a blend.

  3. Use any binding oil of your preference to coat your candle fully and then sprinkle your mixture onto the oil.

  4. When you're ready to light your candle, make sure you've got some time to let it burn down. Spell candles work best when left to work uninterrupted. If you DO need to snuff your candle, try to use a snuffer instead of blowing it out so you don't blow the intention away.

  5. Stay close! When the flame gets near to the herbs, the flame can really rise. Don't leave your spell work unattended.

  6. Take note of the flame to see how well it's taking root. Ideally, we want a nice BIG flame but don't worry if it's flickering or having trouble taking off. This just means the candle was especially necessary. Repeat the process again in a few days until the candle gives you a sturdy flame, that's how you know it's taken hold.

  7. After it burns out, you can interpret the wax for additional clues. Did the wax cluster at the back? You may have something or someone working against you that you aren't aware of. Did it pool to the left? It may be a woman who you need to pay attention to. Right? A man. There are a lot of clues to be had in the way wax melts. Trust your gut!

  8. That's it! If you have any extra ingredients, I like to scatter those at my door way or burn them to cleanse my home.

Hope this was helpful if you find yourself in need of a little extra protective magic. This can be used year round whenever you feel like you're soaking up a little too much of every one else's magic. Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite ritual for protection OR what you want to see next!

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