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"How To Use Tarot To Write Your Book" is HERE!

If you've been following along my journey as I brought The Weary Writer's Tarot Deck to life, you have probably heard me lamenting the creation of it's companion: "How To Use Tarot To Write Your Book".

She did what all great books do: give their authors a hard time.

But at last, the book is complete and the first shipment has officially started their journey home. Books will be landing all over the continental US and out into Asia and Europe as well. Can you believe it? We did that! And I hope you know I really truly mean that because none of this happens without all of you!

The support my community has shown me in this process has been overwhelming. It's taken nearly 11 months to complete but I'm so proud of the final product and beyond excited to continue it's story next month.

A few weeks ago, we officially sold our last copy of The Weary Writer's Tarot Deck. To celebrate the completion and launch of the book, I'll be hosting a second print of The Weary Writer's Tarot Deck which will include an upgraded box + book combination as well as more smutty expansions and mini decks for backers.

We are still a few weeks out from launch so make sure you're on my email list for updates.

If you can't wait and want to snag one of the first round of books, I have a handful available for purchase! Head on over to the shop to snag your copy today.

Thank you again for your support and stay tuned for the next great things coming from me!

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