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Jupiter + Uranus Conjuction 4/20

I know many of us are still coming back from the shadows of the Eclipse in Aries (4/8)... but the stars aren’t finished with us yet. This weekend, on 4/20, two powerful planets are coming into conjunction. Conjunctions occur whenever two luminaries come into alignment. Their energy collides and depending on the players, it can be explosive energy. 

The inner luminaries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and even Mars) have a faster orbit around the sun so they come into conjunction quite often with each other and with the outer planets. The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) have a much slower orbit. Spanning anywhere from 1-200+ years in their rotation around the sun. 

So when we have two outer planets in conjunction, it’s kind of a big deal! This weekend it’s Jupiter and Uranus meeting in the determined sign of Taurus. Let’s talk about what that means. 

Jupiter is the ruler of expansion, fortune, travel, and excess. Known as the Great Benefic of the sky, Jupiter is the largest and luckiest luminary in our chart. Wherever its energy travels, there is a sense of abundance and fortune that follows, however we can also tend to overcorrect and indulge to our detriment if Jupiter is poorly placed. When Jupiter is in Taurus, you might experience a greater focus on work and luck to be had in elevating your status and position there. You may also be prone to over work. On the other hand, Taurus’ aren’t just known to work hard but Goddess, do they enjoy relaxing hard too. Be wary of indulging in your luxury lest you undo all that hard work you’ve just done! Seek balance in your exploits, so that Jupiter doesn’t tip your scales too far in one direction. 

Uranus energy is revolutionary. Literally. When Uranus is involved in powerful aspects, such as the conjunction this weekend, we often see themes of dismantling conservative ways and lifting up progress by any means necessary. The planet of abrupt change, Uranus is the strike that breaks that dam. Uranus also rules over rebellion, individuality, progress, and humanitarian efforts. Uranus’ orbit lasts 84 years and it’s often theorized that it matches the equivalent of a human lifespan. The progress this planet makes is a 4 part rise and fall that ushers humanity into the next era. 

When these two planets come into conjunction, their energy infuses with the other and multiplies. We feel the effects on earth more than usual. These two planets in particular, given the political and social landscape for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, are here to offer a new way forward. Hope rises through the rubble but there is a general tension that spreads through as well. Many who follow astrology have been watching this particular aspect brewing for months. 

Collectively, we can already feel the rise in rebellious energy as more and more people become frustrated with the current system. In the weeks leading up to the conjunction, we can feel the unrest permeating not only across the sea but within our communities. The dam is struggling to keep up with the pressure built and we all know what Uranus will do with a weak dam…

Personally, you may also feel some rebellion in your personal life as well. New ways of thinking may be introduced that offer you different solutions to your problems, potentially ones you had never thought of before. Uranus loves abrupt changes, and when they are sent to you we are meant to view them as opportunities to course correct. Jupiter will be smiling their lucky energy down on us to see us through these changes so hold strong if things feel upended in the coming weeks as the energy waxes, peaks, and wanes. 

There are pieces that are being moved around to set you up for success. Be open to this energy inviting change! We won’t see this match up in Taurus for a long time. The last time they met up here?

It was 1941. 

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