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Solar Eclipse in Aries

Illustration of a green witch in a black tshirt with black hair and a black witches hait pulling seeds and magic from a brown floating bag.
Givewaway Tonight 4/8/24

Hello, Witches!

The time has come and a total solar eclipse will be visible across North America today. Whether or not you are in the path of totality or if you are able to witness it at all, the Sun and Moon coming into perfect alignment is a powerful energetic portal.

The Sun, which represents our motivation, drive, and life force in our life comes into alignment with The Moon, representing our deepest emotions, desires, and security. This is a time when our shadows are illuminated and many of us may feel too exposed, vulnerable, and frenetic. The energy around us is potent as well.

Many people experience light-headedness, insomnia, intense dreams, and headaches during an Eclipse. Those who are more connected to Spirit will also have spiritual downloads and increased activity around them. Many witches will warn you against creating moonwater or casting spells and this is true for many First Nations Tribes who encourage you to remain inside and wait out the event in solitude and reflection.

Me, however? I will be sunbathing in it!

This Conjuction is happening in the sign of Aries. Aries is our God of War, the transformational warrior who doesn't wait in the wings to make things happen. As such, it's time for us to take that role as well. To charge into life and chase down the things we want.

I've gathered some journal prompts and a tarot spread for you on this most magical day.

Tonight at 6:30 PM we are having an Eclipse Party! By that time, the moon will have moved on from the sky but that doesn't mean the energy is gone. Simply waning. So join me on Zoom for LIVE readings plus I'm drawing the winner of a portrait and print combo! All you have to do is be a member of TLC.

Baby Witches - 1 Entry

Sage Mages - 3 Entries

Magic Mavens - 5 Entries

If you can make it to our call this evening, spend some time in this energy by reflecting with this tarot spread and journal prompts. What is being illuminated for you? How will you use that energy to make lasting changes in your life? I hope to see you tonight in our moon-thly circle and one lucky Lune Circle member will win a custom portrait and print!

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