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Product Description:

Unleash your creativity and craft a spellbinding story with "How to Use Tarot to Write Your Book," a practical guide that blends the spiritual guidance of tarot with the frustrations of storytelling. This short, informative guide is your key to unlocking the story that's just waiting to be told.


Ignite Your Writing Journey:

 Whether you're an aspiring novelist or a seasoned author, this book is your trusty companion on your literary quest. "How To Use Tarot To Write Your Book" and it's companion , "The Weary Writer's Tarot Deck" make the perfect gift for the author or writer in your life. 


What's Inside:

  • Tarot Spreads: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of tarot with custom-designed spreads that offer insights and perspectives to infuse your plot with intrigue and depth.

  • Plotting Exercises: Embark on a creative journey with exercises tailored to help you outline your story, develop your characters, and construct mesmerizing plotlines.

  • Card Meanings: Dive deep into the mystical meanings of tarot cards, deciphering the symbolism and connections that can guide your narrative. Understand the hidden messages waiting to be uncovered.

  • Extended Descriptions: Each card is accompanied by an extended description specifically crafted for authors. Explore the card's relevance to your writing process, harnessing its energy to enrich your tale.

How To Use Tarot To Write Your Book

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