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These are the first six stickers in the series of Unloved Creatures. 



Creativity | Cunning | Trust

Have you forgotten? You are the creator of your destiny. The spider calls out to those who need to remember that you have an innate ability to create what you need to survive (and to thrive). Much different than other Unloveds who must scavenge or happen across their needs, you are a creator. You have cunning resources and a creative outlook. Stop waiting to find your joy out there in the world and start focusing on what you can do to create the feeling you desire to have. You’ll have more success this way.



Resilient | Resourceful | Instinct

You have an almost vexing determination to those who would like to see you fall. When the rat calls to you, it’s a sign that you need to trust your instincts. Your resourceful nature has not led you astray and you are being encouraged to keep trusting your gut. Be tenacious in your pursuit of peace.



Perseverance | Protection | Defensiveness

The Scorpion presents itself when you are being reminded to protect your journey at all costs. While some may be in your circle, this doesn’t mean they are in your corner and the Scorpion knows well to protect its own back. Be a careful curator of your circle and only invite those who are ready to build you up and support you in all things. Don’t be afraid to use your stinger to protect your path. Nothing is worth your peace. 


Transformation | Spirituality | Regeneration

A companion for those who are undergoing transformation, the snake appears when you are being urged to let go of your old skin. You’ve spent time growing and healing; why do you cling to the old narratives about yourself? The snake is here to help you inch out of your old life and embrace the process of becoming. Connect deeper with your spiritual path and practice release.



Progress | Divine Timing | Vulnerability

If you are feeling drawn to the Slug, you may be feeling frustrated with life's timing… Or perhaps you are in a state or practicing patience. Regardless, the slug is here to remind you it’s okay to go slow. This is not a race to the end. Everything you are doing on your journey, take it as an opportunity to go slow. The slug does not compare their journey to the cheetah. It’s having a slug existence, and as such, it’s going at exactly the right speed. You, too, are undergoing this divine lesson. Go slow and go with purpose. You can’t do wrong. 



Confusion | Navigation | Faith

If the Bat is appearing for you, it’s time for you to rely on your talents to navigate the long night ahead. The path ahead is not marked by sunshine and clarity. Instead, this is an opportunity to learn how to move with the shadows and make progress even without all the answers. You’re not left out without. You’ve got everything you need to traverse the way ahead… Don’t wait for it all to happen perfectly. Do it imperfectly but with purpose and meet your fear head on.




Unloved Creatures - 3" Stickers

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