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A Witch's Spring

Hello, Witches!

After the turning of the Spring Equinox and the arrival of Aries season, it's official! Spring has sprung. The energy of my house shifts around this time of year and there are many ways I invite in this new energy. It is part of my practice to fall into the natural rhythm with Earth.

This can be difficult for those of us who have been entrapped by the capitalist calendar, but finding ways to follow the natural cycles of Growth, Harvest, Rest, and Rebirth has given my tired body the time it needs to recoup my energy.

If you're looking for a few things to do this Spring, here are a few ideas:

1. Plant and bless your seedlings. Whether you're looking to tend a full garden or a windowsill one, growing your own garden brings you into closer relationship with the earth and her natural cycles. Bring awareness and intention to the seedling planted in darkness. Be grateful for all of her cycles as she grows. They are all necessary! There is no shaming the seedling who just broke through the soil. She will grow into a fruit and flowering bearer in her time. Until then, her only responsibility is to grow in her own time.

2. Collect Egg Shells. Egg shells serve several purposes around your home and garden. In your apothecary stores, egg shells are incredible spell ingredients for protection, fertility, and growth. They also keep away pests on your garden beds. I like to use them during my spell work, leaving a line at the door to ward off negative energy, and sprinkling them in the garden around the stems of my vegetable plants. Just make sure to remove the membrane, dry them well, and then crush into dust.

3. Collect the first blooms. The energy waiting in the first blooms of the year is a potent magic of endurance, determination, and strength. These first blooms were the first to pop through the winters frost. I collect the petals of the wildflowers of this season and use them in spells and offerings throughout the year when I need strength and new beginnings.

4. Clean. I know, I know... not exactly the most magical of experiences but our Spirit resides in the physical. Tending to our physical has affects on our Spirit. So dust the ledges and clear the clutter. Open the windows and sweep the corners. Intentionally ask the winds of Spring to bring fresh, new energy into your home and life.

What are some ways you are preparing for Spring?

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